Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Into the Peace of Wild Things

So this trip covered a lot of ground and rather than have folks scroll through a photo album, I threw some pictures together into a montage. Ready to cover about 6,000 miles in three minutes?

Disclaimer: I have no idea why I sound like I have a lisp, and my apologies for the resolution of this. Its only a small, small fraction of how beautiful it really was.


  1. Thanks Amy for sharing the video & it looks like an amazing trip!!! :)

  2. It should go viral!!!

    "She wants her nails painted black/ She wants the toy in the Cracker Jack..."

  3. Just a tribute to the goth cowgirl in all of us!

  4. Amy - I so enjoyed your blog and the video!! Seems like an amazing trip! Look forward to hearing about it someday :)