Friday, May 20, 2011

Cowboy Ink: A Roundup

This blog has not been regularly updated since I got back from my travels, but that doesn't mean that I've forgotten about the West. I've written several articles since my return. Here's an overview of these pieces.

Cowboys in the City

In August, I took a 24-hour whirlwind trip to the Big Apple to see where cowboy culture is apparent even in the most "East Coast" of East Coast cities. I hit up as many country-Western bars, honkytonks, and bbq joints as I could in one evening. My conclusion? Even New Yorkers love a man with a hat and boots.

The President's Gun

I got a little crush on TR after reading Mornings on Horseback and flying out to LA to look at his 1883 Single Action Army Colt Revolver. Reading about his experiences in the West opened up him up in another dimension to me, and being able to pick up that gun was one of the most thrillingly intimate experiences I've had with a historical relic.

Food from the Age of Shakespeare
And now for something completely different. Like travel, cooking is a favorite pastime and so after encountering some 400 year-old recipe books at the Folger Shakespeare Library, I thought giving them a try in the kitchen would be a fun challenge. This was definitely cooking by impulse rather than science, as most of the recipes don't have measurements, cooking times, or cooking temperatures. I feel lucky that the results were even edible.

This spring, I've traveled to Ellis Island to research family history and back to Montana because I missed it. More on that in future posts.